6 Office Yoga that you can do at work

6 office yoga

6 Office Yoga that you can do at work is a very effective way to increase your energy level and relieve your lower back or shoulder pain.

When you sit for a long time and are ready to stretch, there are many activities you can do wherever you are.

Today, 6 Office Yoga shares some poses created to squeeze a little more leisure time from busy professionals.

The best part?

You do not even have to change your work clothes.

Here are 6 Office Yoga that you can do at work

1) Stretch your wrists and fingers

2) Sit around your spine.

3) Sitting chair yoga

4) Sit in the backbend

5) Rolls your Shoulders

6) Nack Stretch

1. Stretch your wrists and fingers.

Our Most Valuable Office Resources: Our Fingers, Do not forget to loosen and stretch your arms and wrists.

Every two hours, stretch your arms to each side or straight.

How To Do

-> Then draw 5 to 10 in and out through your wrists.

-> To remove any extra tension, spread your fingers wide, close them with your quick fists, and repeat

-> This movement five to ten times.

2. Sit around your spine.

  Sit around your spine.
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Sitting for long periods of time can increase the tension and weakness

Of the muscles in the body and impair the range of motion and range of motion.

How To Do

-> Turn sits sideways in your chair.

-> Spread both feet on the floor.

-> Turn the back of the chair and hold the back of the chair with both hands.

-> Rotate 180 degrees, facing the opposite side of the chair.

3. Sitting chair yoga

Source: verv.com

Tadasana (Mountain Pose) is considered a home base for standing yoga practice, so it goes for posture at your desk.

Tadasana is the first instruction for each of the following postures. This will create a solid foundation on which you can move freely and breathe.

How To Do

-> When you take a deep breath and exhale, use your sitting bones to root your body weight in a chair.

-> The next time you exhale, Roll your shoulders back down.

-> Turn the back of the chair and hold the back of the chair with both hands.

-> Pull your belly button toward your spine, open your chest with both hands, and bring both of your arms together.

4. Sit in the backbend

 Sit in the backbend
Source: health.com

Does the group feel a little indigestible after lunch?

The fan shape provides a gentle stretch and strengthens your immune system.

How To Do

-> Sit on the front edge of the chair and place your feet on the floor.

-> Your back should be in a chair and your spine should not be straight.

-> Stretch forward and grasp the back of the chair with both hands back. Keep elbows straight as possible.

5. Rolls your Shoulders

1 Rolls your Shoulders
Source: yogabeyondthestudio.com
2 Rolls your Shoulders
Source: yogabeyondthestudio.com

You know the tension in your back, your fingers are tense in front of the screen.

Still, do you realize that your shoulders and chest are also affected?

You do not have to pay for shoulder pain at work.

Why not make a few simple rolls to reverse your movement distance?

How To Do

-> When you inhale, pull your shoulders toward your ears and lower yourself.

-> Then exhale and move them down.

-> Repeat this movement two more times in the same direction; Then turn back.

6. Nack Stretch

Source: Verywell / Ben Goldstein

Sore throat and stiffness are the most common side effects of sitting in an awkward position for several hours each day.

Reduce tension and stiffness in your neck by stretching and active movements such as neck braces that flex your neck and reduce tension.

If you are wearing high heels, take off your shoes before these strains start.

How To Do

-> Close your eyes. Let the chin fall to the chest.

-> Gently begin to circle the neck and move the right ear to the right shoulder.

-> Take the back of your head and turn your left ear to your

After trying yoga poses at this table, we hope you will regain your energy and recover.

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